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A grassroots multicultural organization

ICC-WIN is a grassroots organization.                           What began as conversation over coffee ignited the power of diversity to create a movement. We believe our process of facilitating worldwide intercultural networking is one of the primary drivers of economic and social transformation for our city, county, and region. It will expand our resources and contacts around the world to grow our social structures and enrich our social lives.

Vision, Issues, & Values

Our purpose includes the following:

  • Identify the international population in the region and build a network of contacts;
  • Create interface opportunities for understanding, appreciation, and partnership building among people of different national, cultural, faith backgrounds and racial diversity;
  • Raise public awareness of the presence and values and need for preservation of cultural heritage;
  • Incorporate internationals into the fabric of mainstream civic leadership;
  • Articulate strengths of international communities for regional economic development;
  • Strengthen internal organization and cooperation with communities.

  The International Community Council (ICC) was founded in 1993 as a Project of the Greater Cleveland Roundtable. It was incorporated as an Ohio not-for-profit organization in 2000 and received its IRS 501 (c) 3 tax designation in 2001. Worldwide Intercultural Network (WIN-NEO) was incorporated as an Ohio not-for-profit organization in 2012; it was founded in 2011 by grass-roots leaders of the Northeast Ohio region’s international community.

ICC-WIN features two annual events including the (1) SUMMIT on the State of the International Community and  (2) International Cleveland EXPO in December.  

An ongoing series is THE WORLD IN YOUR BACKYARD with customized programs to highlight diverse cultural heritages within communities. We launched this program in 2016 in partnership with the City of Solon. Based on the demographics of the community, monthly one-hour presentations focus on the countries represented by its residents. Cultural heritage information, sampling of foods, and new dialogue among neighbors are key elements of each session. We now feature THE PEOPLE LIBRARY with dozens of speakers leading interactive sessions about their experiences with “THE AMERICAN DREAM” and the role that resilience plays in seeking this dream. We are supported by foundations, businesses, and individual donors to expand the program throughout Cuyahoga County and promote cultural competence through community-based dialogue. Each year hundreds of representatives from our international community participate in these events. Visit our website for details and make your reservations!

“Although we came on different ships at different times, we are all in the same boat now!”                                 Joseph Bauer, German immigrant                                                   Founder of WZAK Ethnic Radio in Cleveland






by Nov 13, 2023

The Leadership Our World Needs Right Now

About Us

We encompass the largest network of international organizations embracing more than 120 cultural, ethnic, and nationality groups in Northeast Ohio.

We are an essential conduit for bringing together diverse communities for education, appreciation, and preservation of their arts and cultural heritage.


In 2004 a Partnership of Plain Dealer Charities, Inc. and the International Community Council produced a book titled Greater Cleveland MOSAIC” documenting the extensive network of international communities in Northeast Ohio. We support this network and integrate its leaders and members into all activities. We have been building relationships within this community for more than two decades to achieve our mission and secure the position of this region as “international-friendly.”

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